Updating Display Audio Wirelessly

On certain Honda vehicles, it is possible to update your display audio system wirelessly. All that is required is a Wi-Fi signal. Parking close to your house or turning on a mobile hotspot on your smart phone are both great ways to connect your Honda vehicle to the internet.

When you are within range of a Wi-Fi signal, press on the System Updates icon. After choosing the “Wi-Fi” method, you will then be prompted to enter Connection Setup. Your vehicle will then search for available Wi-Fi signals. Once your connection appears, choose it and type in the password if applicable. Tapping on the “Use this network to automatically download Honda updates” checkbox is helpful for future updates.

Once connected to your chosen Wi-Fi signal, press once again on the “Wireless” button. The system will now check for any updates. When the system finds an update, you will be prompted with a description of the update as well as a “Download Now” button; simply press the button to begin the download. Once the download is completed, you will be prompted with two options: Install Now, which will reboot the system and can take a few minutes to complete, and Install while the Vehicle is OFF, which will start the updates once the vehicle is turned off.