Lease End

Three to six months before the end of your vehicle's lease you should evaluate your options and minimize potential costs. Your options might include returning the vehicle, extending the lease, purchasing it or trading it in for a new or used vehicle.

We will help you understand the obligations you have under your lease agreement. In some cases if you take ownership of the vehicle you can make money. In others you should maximize the vehicle's value through cleaning and repairing and then turn it in.

The best approach will depend on the details of your lease agreement and the condition of the vehicle.

In some cases a relatively small investment, in cleaning, in repairing the wheels or repairing bodywork will minimize penalty charges. We will do this work for you expertly and competitively. You can contact us about any lease related questions at (905) 695-8888.

When you turn in the vehicle you should bring the following items:

  • All keys and fobs
  • Owner's manual and maintenance records
  • Vehicle Inspection Report, if applicable
  • Receipts for completed repairs, if any
  • Lock-nuts for the wheels, if any
  • Everything that came with the vehicle including spare wheel, tools, seats, etc.