Maintenance Minder

All vehicles need to be serviced and checked regularly - we recommend every six months. In addition, most Honda vehicles are equipped with the Maintenance Minder system, which is an onboard computer that recommends when service is required.

The maintenance requirements are determined by calculations that take into account the engine starting temperature, driving distance and engine speed. The onboard computer also judges driving conditions and habits, and then calculates the remaining engine oil life, displaying it as a percentage.

For most Honda vehicles the remaining engine oil life and maintenance service symbols are displayed in either the odometer/trip meter area or in the multi-information display area. As part of the Maintenance Minder, a separate "wrench" icon also appears indicating that required maintenance service is due.

When the remaining oil life is approximately 15%, the Maintenance Minder will indicate that an oil change is due soon. When it reaches 5%, the system will show that an oil change is due now. When it reaches 0%, the system will show that an oil change is past due by an indicated mileage. Along with these reminders, the system will also display either a Maintenance Main Item A or B along with Maintenance Sub-Items 1 through 6 as required.

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