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Honda Service Value

Compare our service value.

At Sisley we regularly compare our prices to competitors to ensure you receive service that is affordable. If you wish, when you visit we can show you a chart showing our pricing compared to general mechanics.

More important: we provide top quality Honda service that is superior to general mechanics. Sisley tops the rest for the following reasons:

Our Honda trained technicians, with a total of over 200 years experience, use highly sophisticatied Honda Online Diagnostics and can focus in and solve problems quicker and more reliably.

We use top quality genuine Honda parts. Honda buys millions of parts a year and are world-leaders in manufacturing and quality assurance. Sometimes you can find cheaper parts but they'll cost you more in the long run.

We check to see if there are any outstanding Honda mandated recalls and perform them under warranty.

In all of our oil and filter change services we include a 27 point inspection using the Honda Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection Checklist. Its purpose is to make sure your vehicle operates safely and we catch problems before they inconvenience you.

There are additional reasons to choose Sisley including:

  • Comfortable waiting lounge area, enjoy a complimentary coffee and Wi-Fi internet access
  • State of the art valet drive thru - remain comfortable whatever the weather
  • Just minutes away from Finch subway station
  • Service shuttle drop offs and pick ups, within bordering areas
  • With our on-line Easy-book service, book an appointment and view you vehicle's repair status LIVE

Multi-point Vehicle Inspection

Sisley Honda, Inspection Sheet 2

Our service includes our Multi-point Vehicle Inspection where we perform over 27 critical checks to help catch problems before they cause you inconvenience.

If you want a service or parts quote please call us at 1 (800) 211-1062 or contact us at hondaservice@sisley.ca